Color Problems 

by 凌宇沫  (Ling Yumo)

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The Truth - Gintama Doujin

By 凌宇沫 (Ling Yumo) 

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Dammit. I see all these activities for the gintamaxHaikyuu post and I’m just cringing cuz I got Tsukki’s name wrong. halp.

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If Hijikata and Gintoki met Tsukishima(c) y_sks2
If Hijikata and Gintoki met Tsukishima
(c) y_sks2
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Hijikata Biyori - Hakuouki Drama CD Translations 
By CyanDelirium

Track 6: The End of Summer

(Track 1Track 2Track 3Track 4 and Track 5 Translations

CD Track: Youtube Link 

English Translations: 

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[Hakuouki Drama CD Translations] Hijikata Biyori [Track 5]

(Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 and Track 4 Translations)

CD TRACK: Youtube Link


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[Hakuouki Drama CD Translations] Hijikata Biyori [Track 4]

(Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3 Translations)

CD TRACK: Youtube Link (start at 8:38)


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[Hakuouki Drama CD] Hijikata Biyori [Track 3]

(Track 1 and Track 2 Translations)

CD TRACK: http://youtu.be/vAiJaVgv1jc?t=5m40s (starts at 5:40)


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[Hakuouki Drama CD] Hijikata Biyori [Track 2]

(Track 1 is completely unrelated, but is available here)

CD TRACKhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAiJaVgv1j (Part 2 starts at 3:21)


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Chapter 1: Washing Clothes


Hijikata: Oi, Souji! Souji, are you here?

Souji: Ah, Hijikata-san, over here

Hijikata: Oh? What’s this? You’re doing the laundry? That’s rare.

Souji: It’s just keeps raining these past few days. Since it’s finally sunny, I’ve washed everyone’s clothes.

Hijikata: Oh, I see. Good work, then. Oh right…

Souji: Yes?

Hijikata: I can’t find my haori, was it you who took it?

Souji: Ah, it’s here; over here. I’ve washed it for you.

Hijikata: Then thank you very much- eh? Why did you wash every one of them?!

Souji: That’s because there so dirty! It’s splashed in blood here, splashed in blood there, and also splashed in blood here.

Hijikata: It can’t be helped, with so many ronin to chase down recently, but how could you wash every single one of them?! I have to wear it in just a while.

Souji: Ah, so that’s the problem, haha. Can’t be helped, alright, I’ll lend you mine. Don’t get it dirty, alright?

Hijikata: You-! Why didn’t wash yours, yet you go and wash someone else’s?

Souji: That’s because Hijikata’s the vice commander! How could we let you go out in an unclean manner.

Hijikata: Forget it, I’ll go borrow Harada’s.

Souji: Sano-san’s currently out on parol~

Hijikata: Then, Heisuke’s?

Souji: Heisuke’s out too. It’s 8th division and 10th division on duty today.

Hijikata: Hmph… un, then what about Shinpachi?

Souji: Hey, hey… Hijikata-san, do you really mean that?

Hijikata: Ah- … well…

Souji: Well, I can’t stop you… but…

Hijikata: Then, what about Kondo-san?

Souji: Well, it is a better choice in comparison to Shinpachi.

Hijikata: What now? Is there a problem?

Souji: Those two are about the same, Kondo-san’s haori has “Commander” on the back, as well as that skull embroidery. And Shinpachi also modified his haori so much so that he can wear it topless, how could these two be so uncaring in their fashion?

Hijikata: Why should I know

Souji: Which is why, I’ll lend you mine

Hijikata: Ah… can’t be helped, then I’ll borrow yours for now.

Souji: Then as thanks… the dumplings sold in the street corner will be fine.

Hijikata: Ah?!

Souji: You can be so discourteous. If you borrow things from someone, then you’ll have to properly thank them, don’t you know?

Hijikata: You bastard…

Souji: Ah… unless you mean Hijikata-san would  return someone else’s things empty-handed?

Hijikata: You bastard…

Souji: Weren’t you in a hurry to go out?

Hijikata: Fine, fine! Then I’ll be borrowing this.

Souji: Okay, have a safe trip.

       Alright… now to keep washing these clothes

       Ah~ today’s weather sure is good.

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Assassination Classroom - Chapter 63
The Time to Lead
English Translation By: ThursdayTranslations

Translator’s Note: Typesetting and everything is a real pain in the ass when in comes to manga scanlations. It’s really time consuming, and it’s not like I’m the only translator doing AssClass anyway. So I figured I’d choose speed over quality for those that can’t wait for the next chapter, and you guys can read the good copy when it gets released by a proper group?

Raw: http://raw.senmanga.com/Assassination_Classroom/
Chinese Translation: http://www.dm5.com/m142993/

Page 1 - Title Page
Side Text: Explains the stuff that occured in the previous chapter, not that important. 
Bottom Text: Assemble! 

Page 2 -
/1/ Sugino: Urgh, s-sorry for being such a bother, Takebayashi
/2/ Takebayashi: In any case, since all the victims are high with fever, let’s first give everyone ice packs to protect their brains from the heat damage. 
Okuda: O-Okay!
/3/ Okuda: U-um… in other words, has the whole island been exposed to a virus this lethal?
Takebayashi: You don’t need to worry about this.
/4/ Takebayashi: Hadn’t the criminal mentioned the virus to “have a low infectivity rate”?
/5/ Takebayashi: I doubt this virus was passed on through the air. It’s possible the enemy had planted the virus into our food and drinks. 
/6/ Takebayashi: Therefore, there’s no need to worry about the virus infecting anyone else. I have already passed my theories onto the classmates in our attack team. 

Page 3 - 
Side Text: Koro-sensei, ultimate protection mode. Mach 20 speed, though currently rendered immobile.
/1/ Box: The virus enemy that has put its sight on Class E… at what time and where could they have done that?
/3/ Kurasuma: Listen up. There is a reason for me to order for you all to wear casual clothes to participate in this operation.
/4/ Kurasama: Once we have broken through the security checkpoints in the entrance, we’ll be able to pretend we’re visitors at this hotel. 
/5/ Sugaya: Visitors? Isn’t this place specifically for the big bads of society? How could there be high schoolers like us?

Page 4 - 
Kurasama: According to my reports, there are some, especially the children of celebrities and billionaires, who are treated like princes and princesses.
/2/ Kurasama: Brought up like royalty in their childhood, when these people grow up, they have already picked up many bad habits. 
/3/ Koro-sensei: That’s right. Now, everyone should try walking as if you’re the child of a billionaire. 
/5/ Koro-sense: Good good good, that’s exactly right! 
Kurasama: Is it really like this…? Anyhow, you shouldn’t have a need to act that way as well. 

Page 5 - 
Koro-sensei: However, we have no clue as to what our opponent looks like. 
/2/ Koro-sensei: so it’s very plausible that they may also pretend to be visitors to initiate a surprise attack.
/3/ Koro-sensei: During the operation, we must be extra careful. 
/4/ Everyone: Understood.

Page 6 -
 Dude: No matter how you see it, there’s no way everyone in this hotel will be on our side. Though there’s no way they’d admit they are also aiming for the 100 billion dollars. 
/2/ Dude: The thing we prepared for emergencies is ready, right, “Gastro”?
/3/ Gastro: Don’t worry about it, boss.
/4/ Gastro: If they want to make the deal, they’ll have to walk through the elevators. When that time comes, the security cameras will alert us. Even if they don’t use the elevator and climb the stairs, they still have to walk through this long corridor. The SMOG security guys will surely find them.

Page 7 - 
/1/ Gastro: The money we earn from you surpasses the money we’d get from the Japanese government. Of course we professionals will work seriously. 
/2/ Dude: Hehehe, is that so? I will take your word for that.
Gastro: Guns and plum source tastes so great together.
/3/ —Large forhead dude—- —-Baldy—-

Page 8 -
Student: Seems like these two guys are just visitors, right?
/2/ student: The idea to not cause trouble here must have made them restless.
/3/ Kayano: And I had thought that everyone we see would have been enemies. If it’s actually like this, then it should be a breeze getting to the top. 
/4/ Kayano: And even if there is a problem, it wouldn’t be able to slip past Kurasuma’s eye.
Box: 3rd Floor, Lounge
/5/ Terasaka: Heh, this is too easy~! Since we’re running out of time, let’s speed up.

Page 9 -
/1/ Sfx: footsteps
/2/ Sfx: slowly walking closer
/5/ Fuwa: Tersaka-san! Be careful of that guy! 
/7/ Terasaka: Ah?!
Sfx: chaa

Page 10 - N/A

Page 11 -
Kurasuma: Is this poison?
/3/ tch-
/5/ Guy: …How did you expose me?

Page 12 -
 Guy: ..To hide my killing intent and strike when I brush past, that’s my specialty, Kappa-chan.
/2/ Male Student: Fuwa…
Text near Fuwa: That’s just because of the short hair (in reference to being called Kappa-chan)
/3/ That’s because, mister, aren’t you the one who gave out free drinks when we first arrived at our hotel?
/5/ Flashback: Please try this free of charge fruit drink
Guy: Ah! 
/6/ Guy: There isn’t enough proof if you only use example. Besides the drinks, there were a lot of other chances to poison you. 

Page 13 -
Fuwa: According to Takebayashi-san, our classmates were mostly infected with the virus due to intaking the virus with some kind of food or drink.
/2/ Fuwa: The only times when the whole class took something together was from your drinks and the dinner on the boat before the assassination. 
/3/ Fuwa: But even Mimura and Okajima, who had skipped their dinner in order to edit the video, got caught in this virus. From this, we can work out that the virus must have been from the drinks in the morning. 
/4/ Fuwa: And that’s why, the criminal must be you, Mister!! 
/5/ Guy: uuugh

Page 14 - 
/1/ Nagisa: That’s amazing, Fuwa-san!
Kayano: Just like a detective!
Fuwa: hehehe >:) 
/2/ Fuwa: I like reading shounen manga in my spare time, so if something were to happen, I can still react quickly. 
/3/ Fuwa: Especially Magazine and Sunday, with detective manga being my favourite~
Nagisa: What about Jump? (Magazine, Sunday and Jump are the big 3 shonen magazine serializations, and Jump is also the magazine which publishes AssClass)
/4/ Fuwa: Eh? Jump’s detective works? That I’m not really familiar about. But it seems one of them has been published into volumes, so buying one might not be a bad idea. (Yusei Matsui’s first manga was a detective work in JUMP)
Kayano: That’s too blunt! 
Nagisa: Fuwa-san! Your advertising was way too obvious! 
/5/ Guy: Please be more careful next time when it comes to marketing promotions. …hehehe

Page 15 - 
/1/ **Collapse**
/3/ Koro-sensei: This is the enemy’s poison? And it seems the effects are very strong. 
/4/ Guy: This is the indoor anesthesia of my creation. Inhaling one breath is enough for everyone to faint. But it’s dissipate once it makes contact with the fresh air outside,leaving no trace of evidence. 
/5/ Koro-sensei: Looks like you are the person who initiated the virus. If the virus can be transferred only to specific targets, it would perhaps be appropriate for us to negotiate.
/6/ Guy: Who knows… But I now see you have no desire to perform the trade with us. 
/7/ Guy: The deal was a failure, it’s probably best to report to the boss first. 

Page 16 -
/1/ *Chaa chaa*
/2/ Box: So fast!! To have already blocked the exit!
/3/ Kurasuma: When you face an enemy… you must immediaely separate him from his contacts outside. I have already passed on these tips to them. 
/4/ Kurasuma: You… must have thought to retreat and report to your boss during our moment of confusion. *sfx: sway~~ sway~*

Page 17 - 
/1/ Guy: Hng, to think you can still talk. That sure surprised me. 
/2/ Guy: But… beside you, everyone here is just a bunch of brats. 
/3/ Guy: Once I get rid of you, the brats will just slinker away like sand, right?

Page 19 - 
/1/ Box: Too strong… this speed can’t be human…
/2/ Box: But, hey, this frightening teacher… 
/3/ Box: Your leadership to the brats….
/4/ Box: will end here…
/5/ Shout bubble: KURASUMA-SENSEI!!
Text: Kurasuma came forward to protect his students!! But are the cost to do so too great…!?
SFX: **dong** (sound of collapse)


Translators Comments: Um, if you want to use this translation, please credit me? And also, if you think you can deal with the task of putting the text onto a scanned manga page and is willing to do so, please consider joining our team~!

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Assassination Classroom English Scanlation Chapter 53

Full Chapter download here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37905370/53.%20Assassination%20Classroom.zip

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Assasination Classroom Chapter 52 English Scanslation

Full chapter download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37905370/52.%20Assassination%20Classroom.zip

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